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We understand wholly, that you as a urologist have unique responsibilities. That’s why our cloud-based urology EHR software is so compelling for your business. We streamline all lines of communication, make admin duty easy, simplify financial tasks, and give the healthcare professionals and backroom staff a means to be more productive. We deliver common HPI complaints, anatomical diagram templates, electronic prescriptions, and one-click features to improve patient education and urologist mobility.

Urologist updating on emr software
emrexperts certified software

User- friendly Urology EMR Features

  • CCHIT® 2011 certified system
  • “Meaningful Use” Stage 2 Certified
  • Cloud-based computing system
  • Client/Server or ASP based
  • HIPAA and  ICD-10 compliant
  • Workflow Management
  • E&M Coding Assistance for Urology
  • Lab Interface (Quest, LabCorp, etc.)
  • Decision Support (ADE, Coding)
  • Billing/Scheduling Software Interface
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Seamless Communication with other medical Facilities
  • eRx (ePrescription)
  • Document/Image Management
  • Customized SOAP note Templates
  • Drug database with interaction checking
  • Automatic referring physician letters
  • PACS/Imaging Center Interface
  • Tablet, PC, Smartphone Enabled
  • Compatible – iPhone and iPad (new iPhone App feature: Dragon voice recognition)
  • HL7 Custom Interfaces
  • Online Patient Portal
  • clinical documentation – including speech recognition, hand writing recognition
urology emr software dashboard

Easy to use – Urology EHR software

We have a range of solutions for different concerns and needs. Our urology emr system is perfect for modern and very busy healthcare workplaces. This is possible through our automation, intuitive interfaces, and the removal of long-drawn-out processes with obfuscate patient management. It speeds up the daily tasks, allows your urologists to work rapidly, and complete vital documents that are needed for data entry. With our handwriting recognition software, typing can be taken out of the equation too. This makes writing on tablets and smartphones the best way to do the rounds. 

  • Cystoscopy Report Template
  • Physical Examination Template
  • Prostate Screen Consult
  • Prostate Cancer Initial/Follow-Up Template
  • Elevated PSA Template
  • Hematuria Template
  • Incontinence Template
  • Vasectomy Template
  • UTI Template
  • ED Template
  • Point-n-Click SOAP Note Templates
  • Custom Urology SOAP Note Templates
  • and many more Urology EHR Templates…

Urology EHR benefits to your Practice

Emrexperts software is a cloud-based urology emr. This not only makes software available to be used anywhere and at any time, but across all the platforms.

  • Our urology ehr software is scalable so you only pay for what you need when you need it. For businesses that are only small or midsize, this is a cost-effective solution. If you’re expanding urology with multiple locations, we can be scaled up to meet your needs.
  • Faster, leaner, and meaner, our electronic medical record solution makes it easy to handle large patient data and complete admin duties.
  • We are trusted because our urology emr system is certified. We have both CCHIT and ONC-ATCB. Following all best practices and modern standards that are demanded by the US DHHS, we are committed to ethical medical behavior.
  • The clinical process is automated, so your urologists have more time to work together and devote more of their working hours to patient care. With personalized notifications, tasks are completed in a timely manner and not left to overhang to the following day.
  • Our urology ehr software has a comprehensive dashboard that presents everything in one place, makes for less confusion, and higher productivity rates among all levels of staff.

Implementing Emrexperts urology ehr software

We aim to educate urologists and other staff members on how to effectively use our urology emr system. We will create unique programs that guide your workers though the installation and implementation process. Training is so important but we also believe that technical support is not a separate service. It’s fully integrated into our software so whenever you have an IT issue, we are here to help via email, phone, and online chat. 

If you need a cloud-based solution for your urology, we believe our comprehensive, easy to use, thoroughly modern urology emr software will meet and exceed your expectations. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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