Urology EMR/EHR Software

Urology EMR Software – The Perfect Solution for Your Practice

EMR Experts brings you top-rated and easy-to-use Urology EMR software solutions from the best vendors in the industry. A full range of comprehensive, customizable features means more than improved organization and time saved in your office – it means you’ll both increase your revenue and improve patient care.

We know that your practice is different, so we bring you Electronic Medical Record Software systems designed to meet the specific needs of the urologist. The software incorporates a drug database with interaction checking, automatic referring physician letter, electronic superbill, and E&M coder that has been customized for the Urology specialty. The EMR system can also be customized to mimic your existing workflow and model your existing templates/forms.

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Urology Specific EMR Features

  • CCHIT® 2011 certified system
  • ARRA approval for “Meaningful Use”
  • Cloud-based computing system
  • Client/Server or ASP based
  • Workflow Management
  • E&M Coding Assistance for Urology
  • PDR-Based Prescription Writing
  • Lab Interface (Quest, LabCorp, etc.)
  • Decision Support (ADE, Coding)
  • Billing/Scheduling Software Interface
  • Document/Image Management
  • Highly specialty specific templates
  • Drug database with interaction checking
  • Automatic referring physician letters
  • PACS/Imaging Center Interface
  • Tablet PC/Pocket PC Enabled
  • HL7 Custom Interfaces
  • Online Patient Portal

Customized for the Urologist

Quality Urology Medical Records vendors have begun to recognize the special needs of your specialty and your practice. Our vendors use sensible, urology-specific templates and a comprehensive clinical database customizable to the physician, and your unique vocabulary and specific terminology is included in the software. Urologists will find measurements for functional levels, links to patient’s clinical records, information to evaluate quality and cost of care and many other critical features for your Urology practice.

All our specific Electronic Medical Record Software includes custom templates for history of present illness, complaints, review of systems, medication prescribing, and CPT coding.

Urology-Specific EHR Templates

  • Cystoscopy Report Template
  • Physical Examination Template
  • Prostate Screen Consult
  • Prostate Cancer Initial/Follow-Up Template
  • Elevated PSA Template
  • Hematuria Template
  • Incontinence Template
  • Vasectomy Template
  • UTI Template
  • ED Template
  • Point-n-Click SOAP Note Templates
  • Custom Urology SOAP Note Templates
  • and many more Urology EHR Templates…

Urology EHR with the Patient in Mind

Like no other specialty, your urology office needs a certain level of compassion when it comes to dealing with your patients. Not only do you need to know both the medical history; in addition, you must be able to understand and relate to what your patients are going through. Electronic Health Record systems can assist urologists in improving the quality of care being provided as well as assist the Urologist in building solid relationships with his patients.

EMR Experts is Your One-Stop Solution to Urology EHR

EMR Experts works with the best Urology Electronic Health Records vendors for your practice. Let us guide you through the maze and bring you the best solutions for your practice. Best of all our service is at NO COST to you! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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