EMR for Small & Private Medical Practice

Modern EMR System For Small & Solo Practices

EMR Software can be inexpensive, easy to use and can be customized specifically for the needs of your private practice.

Feature-Rich EHR – Satisfy Small Practice Needs

At EMRexperts we recognize the idiosyncratic difficulties small practices face when it comes to choosing and implementing an EHR system. We created the EHR System to help small practices easily attain EMR software that is affordable, easy to implement, and tailor-made to fit the demands and of your small practice.

feature rich ehr for small practice
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Maximize Efficiency and Increase Profits

Some of the main reasons why small medical clinics or doctor’s offices decide to adapt to an EMR environment typically include a desire to diminish costs, to transition from a physical record-keeping environment to one that is virtual and paperless as well as to enhance the quality and effectiveness of patient care. Our emr/ehr system can help practitioners like you to accomplish these goals.

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Make Your Small Practice More Successful with EHR

Our EMR software solution is specially designed for  small practices and as it is incredibly trouble-free, workable and manageable with high speed. In addition, our system is Meaningful Use ready for MIPS/MACRA and offers a user-friendly interface. 

The systems we have created can not only accommodate the needs particular to your medical practice but can also help you increase your cash-flow, boosting your profits. Your small or private practice can benefit from an EMR system that is tailored specifically to the needs of their office for a number of reasons.

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Cloud-based EMR System for Small Practice

You do not have to worry about paying an enormous upfront cost in order to get started on this, which is one of the great parts about this solution because you will see an almost immediate return on your investment. 

Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) EHRs solutions are the most efficient for solo and small practices that want access to saving cost, time efficiency, as well as the financial advantages or Meaningful Use without the high expenditure in infrastructure and equipment.

Benefits of Using EMR For your Small & Private Practice

We believe and understand patient care is the most essential part of your practice no matter the size. Despite this, there is a slew of financial and regulatory challenges that are making it more and more difficult for some practices to thrive. Along with the red tape, paperwork often takes away time with patients as well.

By switching to an electronic cloud-based health record software, you will give your small practice the opportunity to prosper by streamlining the administrative tasks. Now you can focus on what matters most, which is caring for your patients.

Our contemporary and instinctual EHR solutions offer you a way to streamline your day, preventing you from spending critical time battling technology and more time tending to your patients. The EHR solution can automate many of the monotonous tasks that can slow down productivity. It can also provide real-time feedback on practice performance using advanced analytics.

Our software works with the devices you already use like your desktop, tablet and smartphone, making it easy for you to take it anywhere on the go. Because our software has a user-friendly interface, it is simple for training your employees. For this reason, this is an ideal system for small practices that can’t afford to lose any time to training or a botched implementation.

Seamless integration with your practice management and accounting tools saves time, which saves money. You will be sure to rapidly see your return on investment with minimal disruption to your productivity as our cloud-based software can be installed quickly with a compact training and implementation schedule.

When you install the our cloud-based small practice EHR, you will be assigned to a dedicated implementation specialist just for you. They will work with you to create your workflows as well as oversee and act as support for every aspect of your transition. We take care of all the technical details and support including remote software maintenance and updates with no interruption to your practice, maximum data security that meets or exceeds HIPPA requirements as well as fault-tolerant hardware and data backups. We provide unlimited tech support by phone, email or online chat.

By choosing EMRexperts, you are choosing to design your EMR solution specifically for the needs of your small and solo practices. You are assured to get all the functionality needed to manage your practice efficiently, streamline reimbursement and improve patient care, only paying for the things you need and nothing more.

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