Fully integrated Psychiatry/mental Health EMR Software

Selecting the most efficient Psychiatry / Mental Health EHR software

As with all healthcare specialist areas your needs are specific to your business. Psychiatry emr software has to be easy to use, affordable, cutting edge, and offer future proof solutions with regards to updates and improvements.

This means you must select the best vendor, who is capable of allowing you to customize your workflow, change your models based on existing paper-based templates and indeed forms. We provide a tailor-made behavioral emr software to suit your needs as a business and the needs of each practice. Don’t waste time with generic EMR systems as they don’t make up for features and solutions despite their cost. 

physician working on psychiatry emr software

Our Psychiatry/ Mental Health EMR Software Features:

  • CCHIT® 2011 certified system – ONC-ATCB
  • HIPAA & ICD-10 compliant
  • ARRA approval for “Meaningful Use” Stage 2
  • HL-7 Interfacing
  • Client Server or Cloud-based options
  • eRx (ePrescription)
emrexperts certified software
  • Lab automation
  • Billing/Scheduling Interface
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Dx/CPT Codes for Psychiatry
  • Easy adaptable – single physician clinics to large practices
  • E&M Coding Assistance for Psychiatry
  • Multiple ways of clinical documentation including speech recognition, hand writing recognition, etc.
  • Compatible – Mobile Phone – iPhone and iPad (new iPhone App feature: Dragon voice recognition)
  • Smooth communication between practice and labs, radiology, pharmacies, and referring doctors

Unique solution for your Practice

Our EMR for psychiatry or behavioral health has been hailed as the best way to keep and update medical records for patients without requiring retraining of staff of long on boarding programs. 

  • It’s totally unique and you won’t find a similar system anywhere on the market. 
  • It’s different from the solutions used by cardiologists, family practitioners, and OB-GYNs.
  • Our mental health EMR software has highly customizable templates that are unique in so many ways. 
  • For one thing, you can use entirely industry and field-specific vocabulary, unique terminology and our software will instantly recognize it. 
  • Healthcare professionals can work more productively and efficiently, without spending time re-calibrating the software they use. 
  • Patients’ records, hospital information and history of care, such as prescriptions both past and present are all accessible from our software.

Why choose us for Psychiatry EHR ?

                 Checkout the below advantages of using our psychiatry ehr system for your medical practice

  • Our EMR for psychiatry or mental health solution is very quick to process and store data and does so securely. 
  • We recognize that patient and doctor confidentiality is even more important now than ever before, with cybercrime being a major concern. 
  • We have easy data entry methods, such as voice commands, pointing and clicking, as well as handwriting recognition on tablet touchscreens, etc. when the data is in our Psychiatry EHR software, it will update records automatically. 
  • You will not need to hunt for charts or records because it’s all in one place. Inherently, you can communicate with other medical facilities and speed up the process of deciding on medication and delivering it through to the pharmacy. With timely updates, your professionals get real-time solution options. 
  • Billing is also made easier with our mental health emr software, as the payment procedure is embedded in the system. 
  • It’s easy for patients, easy for providers, and most of all, completely secure and trusted
  • It’s multi-platform, so tablets, laptops, smartphones, and desktop computers all use our software, since it is cloud-based. 

How fast can you get up and running?

The question on your lips is, how long will it take to implement? Our psychiatry emr software may take between 6-8 weeks to be fully integrated into your system, but it can vary from one practice to the next. However, we also offer you scanning and attaching services, which will drastically save you time. 

Our behavioral health emr software will digitize your existing paperwork, whether it has charts, statistics, or other patient data. We will also take care of any and all HIPAA compliance concerns. 

Starting up with mental health emr

Connecting you with the best Psychiatry / Mental Health EMR Vendors

Each of your patients is unique, so we make sure that as our software is implemented, it immediately individualizes them. Our behavioral health EMR software isn’t just industry-leading, it’s easy to use by healthcare professionals, at ground level. If you need a cloud-based modern multi-platform solution, what are you waiting for? Contact us today. 

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