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Comprehensive Mobile Electronic Health Records App For Your Practice

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Instant Access to Patient’s Data

The Mobile EHR software market is fast-growing, and mobile EHR apps are available for download on both iOS and Android. These apps are extremely efficient and easy to use within a practice. After all, medical professionals can spend a long time logged into workstations while trying to do their job, and using an EHR on portable devices could improve inpatient care. A mobile EHR app allows for faster order entry and data management and allows doctors to get back to basics by spending time with their patients.

Accessibility for Better Care

The EMR Expert Mobile app will allow you to stay connected. Go where you’re needed, treat who needs treating, on your own time. Plus, EMR Expert will grant you a HIPAA compliant workspace, wherever your medical expertise is needed.

Electronic health records app for smartphones are necessary for the modern medical workforce. They are accessible, allowing you to keep up with patient data and order medical services whenever necessary.

Our EHR app is available across all tablet devices. With inbuilt security, doctors can perform their daily duties and update as and when is necessary with a portable EMR. This electronic health records app for smartphones is just as good as the desktop feature.

Access Patient Data Whenever You Need It

If you need to boost patient engagement, a mobile EHR app could do the trick for you. An app such as this can allow access to patient data with a simple bit of software.

Features of Mobile EHR Apps

ehr - Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

No need to type notes out, ensuring data can be recorded as soon as possible, with dictation abilities.

ehr- eSignature

Access to Patient Charts

A remote way to view test and/or lab results, as well as add to these notes via a portable device.

ehr Interoperability

Pateint Portal

Patients can post balance statements and can complete transactions within the patient portal


Easy Communication

Clearly interact with other doctors' patients without the possible delay of phone messages

ehr - Text Reminder

Text Reminder

Patients will receive appointment memos, lab results.
Change appointments as you need to, and use push notifications to remind you.

ehr - eprescription


Using portable devices, electronic prescriptions save time on both ends of the healthcare system.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified

Choose from two service offerings to ensure your MU attestations are smooth and hassle-free.

ehr Technical Support

Technical Support

24/7 customer support via phone, mail, chat or ticket support.

What Benefits does a Mobile EHR App offer?

Optimized Records: The time between dealing with a patient and writing their notes allows for omitted details. This affects healthcare, and could affect insurance payouts. A mobile EHR app allows medical professionals to take notes along the way, removing the potential for mistakes, and increasing free time.

Vigilant Staff: Medical professionals are busy. Small but necessary tasks can be forgotten about. With mobile EHR software, you can set up tracking alerts for regular testing/lab results, as well as push notifications for easy reminders. 

Point of Sale: Mobile EHR software allows medical providers to bill patients as soon as possible. No drawn out invoices – instead, a properly scheduled payment system. Income is streamlined, ensuring your medical offices can focus on patient care, rather than chasing unpaid bills.


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