EMR Vendors

The number of electronic medical record companies is constantly changing, as new EMR companies emerge and established power players acquire smaller vendors. While the number of EMR companies may seem overwhelming, keep in mind that different vendors offer varying services, features, and functionality. Therefore, not every EMR is right for every doctor.

Selecting an EMR Vendor

Define your needs.

Finding the right EMR software for your practice starts with knowing what your practice’s needs are, as well as what goals you wish to accomplish by implementing an electronic charting system. Make a list of the top 10 to 20 functions that you want an EMR to do for you, taking into account your needs and those of your nursing and administrative staff.

Narrow down your choices.

Once you know what you expect out of your EMR software, make a shortlist of vendors that you would like to know more about. Start by eliminating EMR companies that don’t deal with your particular specialty or practices of your size. Do some research by visiting EMR forums for comments from other doctors. See where vendors rank against other EMR companies by reading neutral, third party reports such as KLAS or the AC Group Tool. Most importantly, rule out any companies whose software isn’t certified.

Compare EMR companies.

After narrowing your choices down to a handful of EMR companies, start figuring out what sets each one apart. Using an EMR selection tool can help you compare multiple vendors at the same time to figure out what features each software has or lacks. You can also write a request for proposal (RFP), telling the prospective vendors about your practice, its resources, and your priorities in terms of EMR functionality. Once you have the vendors’ responses, do a side-by-side comparison of each product.

See the finalists in action.

Once you have gotten your shortlist down to two or three EMR companies, it is time to see how each one works. Contact the vendors for a demonstration, and be prepared with well thought out questions. Talk to other doctors in your area who are using the selected EMR systems, and plan on visiting practices that are similar to yours in size and configuration. Make a point of talking to nurses and employees who make the most use out of the EMR. After you have made your decision, all that’s left to do is sign the contract.

Vendor Spotlight: PrognoCIS

Prognocis Ehr

Offering leading products and catering to hundreds of satisfied customers, Bizmatics is a growing company whose certified EMR software, PrognoCIS, ensures cost effective medical record management and high quality of care.

Bizmatics caters to clinics of all sizes, providing a complete range of fully-integrated and customizable solutions at an affordable price. Their EMR and Practice Management software is easy-to-use, adapts to different specialties, and allows easy access over the Internet, eliminating the need for client server hardware. Since PrognoCIS provides physicians the ability to review patient records from any device with an Internet connection, charting has never been easier!