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Benefits of EMR Software to Physicians 

EMR Experts offers powerful, easy-to-use EMR software for physicians looking to go paperless without breaking the bank. Our customizable, specialty-specific software allows doctors to attest for Meaningful Use, deliver better quality of care, and receive a fast return-on-investment, which is critical in today’s changing healthcare market.


Proven Results

Thousands of physicians across the United States rely on EMR Experts’ suite of software solutions, with proven results for increasing office efficiency and automating workflows within any medical practice. Our products deliver a fast return-on-investment and help healthcare professionals achieve a more efficient, paperless office environment. We offer a proven EMR platform for today’s physician!

Increase Revenue

Without a reliable charge capture process, medical practices can lose out on a lot of money due to poor coding and lost charges. With built-in coding assistance, our electronic medical record software will allow you to generate proper codes and reduce poor charge capture. You can also start using staff resources more efficiently, and help your practice conserve expensive office space by reducing the number of charts and filing cabinets in your office.

Improve Productivity

EMR software significantly reduces the need for pulling, filing, and searching for lost charts. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to refill prescriptions by as much as 80% and aids in the management of lab reports and imaging test results.

Provide Better Patient Care

EMR software can greatly improve quality of care by making it easier for physicians to keep patient records up-to-date. It helps reduce documentation errors, provides physicians with important alerts, and helps keep track of patients requiring follow-up care.

EMR Experts offers an easy-to-use yet powerful EMR Software for medical offices looking to go paperless without breaking the bank. The software offers a fast return on investment – which is critical in today’s changing healthcare market. Our EMR Software is also highly customizable and works in many different specialties.

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