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Transform your Medical Practice with our Electronic Health records Software 

Emrexperts offers a powerful, customizable electronic medical recordthat supports all major medical specialties. Our EMR balances ease of use with a suite of advanced features that eliminate inefficiencies and streamline your workflow. 

The result is an industry-leading electronic health records emr software package that provides an incredible return on investment.

EMR Experts - EMR/EHR Software

We built the EHR software to serve as an all-in-one platform for medical practices.

  •  The medical software is ARRA-approved for “meaningful use” reimbursement
  • Available in both client/server and web-based (ASP) models.
  • To help you get started, our specialists assist hardware selection, installation, customization, training, and maintenance of the medical records systems software.

Our medical records systems software will transform your practice with its efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. 

Electronic Medical Records Software Features:

EHR software is fundamental system for medical practice, as its characteristics contribute to increased efficiency. EHR software helps to facilitate communication, payments, prescription refills and more, providing medical practice with key-features to encourage them to offer better, more effective care and make patients their first priority. 

EHR - Online payments

Online payments

Enables patients to complete their co-pays quickly and securely virtually.

ehr- eSignature


With HIPAA compliant feature, it enables patients and medical staff to sign papers using the mouse, tablet or stylus.

ehr software - eFaxing & Texting

eFaxing & Texting

HIPAA compliant in-cloud e-faxing service enables to quickly send one-touch faxes anywhere, anytime.

ehr - Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Voice recognition to enable fast, accurate dictation of notes. Also helps doctors with keeping their records up-to-date at any location.

ehr - Text Reminder

Text Reminder

Patients will receive appointment memos, lab results and information regarding physicians on their mobiles, making it harder to forget about any of these aspects.

ehr - eprescription


For safe and efficient prescribing. Physicians are enabled to prescribe and control patients’ medication with Surescripts integration included in the EHR software.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified:

Choose from two service offerings to ensure your MU attestations are smooth and hassle-free.

ehr Technical Support

Technical Support:

24/7 customer support via phone, mail, chat or ticket support.

ehr Interoperability


Provide seamless portability of information to optimize medical care and health of your patient.

Clinical Documentation

Clinical Documentation:

Specialty specific functionality.

The Clinical Advantages of our Electronic Medical Records Software:

  • Electronic charts eliminate the bulk and burden of paper charts
  • Electronic prescriptions for safe and efficient prescribing
  • Quick and remote access to records so physician can work from anywhere
  • Advance reporting capabilities
  • Helps provider to improve productivity
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Better interaction and communication between patients and providers
  • Lower chances of medical errors
  • Secure connection
  • Financial benefits to physician
emrexperts software growth

Furthermore, our electronic health record offers patient- and physician-user friendly experience. Our Emrexperts software offers these advantages that save your practice time and money.

Emrexperts software is customizable to your specialty and scalable to practices across the continuum of care.

Electronic Medical Records Software FAQs

Switching smoothly to EHR systems is simpler than anyone would have thought. There are a few uncomplicated steps to follow.

Choose the new EHR carefully: The most important step of them all, as it is important to find software that benefits you and has the potential to evolve with you. The software might have plenty of features that you don’t need and less of the characteristics your practice requires.

Get to Know the Information Transfer Method: Contact your future EHR system provider and make sure they have solutions for most problems that might appear during the process.

Find an EHR Committed to Smooth Transitions: The new EHR provider must have an organizes and streamlined transition plan. At Emrexperts, our services include a personal implementation specialist.

Consider the Long-Term Preservation: These are a few questions you might need to ask your provider: Will I have a competent person to reach when I need help? How much downtime does your system have? How fast will you be able to solve technical problems when they happen?

Plan for advance Instruction: You have to make sure that your personnel is prepared to work with a new EHR system.

Choose right time: Analyze your patients visiting data and switch to a new EHR system when you find the fewer patients

Take It Step by Step: you are not the only one through this procedure The specialists offered by your provider will help you understand each component of the system.

EHRs are helpful to the practice in different ways, by offering improved patient control along with better overall health care. EHR systems provide accurate and updated information about the patients and allow for more organized and efficient treatment to be given direct access to patient records. Other benefits include lower transcription costs, reduced chart pull, storage, and re-filing expenses.

Certified EHR systems are a method whereby patient outcomes are improved in a standardized, organized manner, through technology. A certified EHR software ensures that your documents comply with HIPAA and Meaningful Use through CMS and the ONC. In addition, certified EHR systems can qualify your practice for federal incentive programs which will reduce the cost of implementing EHR.

Emrexperts software is approved as a Complete EHR by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT), an ONC-ACB and is also accredited and compliant with the ONC 2014 Edition criteria, which supports both stages of Meaningful Use measures needed to qualify suitable providers for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

EMR software improves the quality of care, by offering better patient outcomes and protection. This is achieved through developed management, reduced medical errors and useless investigations, as well as increased communication and cooperation between the patient and their provider of health care. EHRs ensure an improved ability for disease diagnosing. Statistics show that 88% of the providers that use EHRs attest that such software brings various benefits to the practice, while 75% of them report that the EHR empowers them to deliver better healthcare. 

EHR/EMR software can reduce costs on both short and long term. On short term, they reduce the time spent by the staff on filing, retrieving and ordering charts and documents, reduce the volume of physical space used for storage and save time with data transfer between medical practices and insurance businesses, as the information is sent instantly.


On the long run, EHR/EMR software significantly decreases the risk of data infringement and HIPAA violations. More than that, it enables transferring large volumes of data even when changing locations, it reduces the need for paper products, it is easy to adopt and helps healthcare providers be more effective on all levels, which, unquestionably, reduces cost.


Thus, medical records system software are the way in which healthcare providers can achieve, or get extremely close, to the supreme goal: to provide adequate care for patients and prioritize them every day. These systems take care of all unnecessary paperwork and remove all the possible obstacles when it comes to administrative issues. This should allow practices to focus more on the patient and deliver the best healthcare they have ever performed.

Let our EMR software power your practice.

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