E-Prescribing (e-Rx) EHR Software

Electronic Prescription- Improving the Efficiency & Reliability of Prescribing

Utilising e-prescription technology can help to improve the accuracy of prescriptions, as well as minimizing the risk of lost or unfilled prescriptions whilst saving time too. We are partnered with Surescripts to make e-Prescribing more quickly and secure than ever. Software allows you to:

  • Choose to send your prescription straight to the pharmacy.
  • Use a mobile phone application to reorder your prescription.
  • Prescribe substances which are controlled.
  • Improved care and safety for all patients.

Real-Time Prescription Benefits

We ensure that all patient information is exchanged securely across each and every care setting, whilst surpassing current and future standards of meaningful use. This is all thanks to our integration with advanced clinical direct messaging. 


Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances

E-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) can be utilised to prescribe any  DEA-class drugs using electronic methods – the eToken dongle has even been updated and improved to help maximize your potential workflow. With increased compatibility on all browsers, you can use a tablet, laptop, personal computer or any search engine. Your eToken dongle will produce a one time  password that limits the need to connect it directly to your device. 

Medication Management for Adherence

MMAd describes a dedicated solution which allows providers to assess prescription usage data to allow for the implementation of better medication management services. You can gain the opportunity to:

  • Send and receive messages regarding medication adherence.
  • View a patient’s medical adherence summary and history.
  • Offer a response to all medication management messages. 
  • Watch helpful webinars, and download the medication management product overview.

How E-prescribing is Beneficial For Your Practice

Improved Patient Safety

Improving the safety of patients is one of the most valuable benefits of e-prescribing, which is exactly why the AHRQ recommends the use of an electronic provider.

Convenient for Everyone

Information at your fingertips. Instead of creating paper orders in a silo, access options for medication selections, safety features which prevent ordering errors, and experience the convenience of prescribing by using any device.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

E-prescribing can aid in reducing healthcare costs quite dramatically. This might include better access to affordable options, reducing medication errors, and overall optimization of the care quality.

More About E-Prescribing (e-Rx)

RxHub is offered to those providers who wish to get further on board with e-prescribing, and this program allows them to see the patient’s prescription benefit information (PBI) with extra detailing like eligibility, drug formulations, and the more affordable alternatives too. Providers can also seek access to a patient’s medication history, as this shows current and past prescriptions ensuring no conflicting and potentially dangerous medicines are prescribed or taken. 

In our modern, rapidly evolving and expanding world of healthcare and medication, e-prescribing capabilities are not luxuries for the lucky few anymore. These are the most vital tools that you need to provide your patients with the highest quality of care possible, meeting all regulatory requirements whilst aiming to optimize efficiencies within your practice, too. So, what is it that you are waiting for?


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