Dermatology EMR Software Advantages and Varieties

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Professionals who plan on operating and expanding their dermatology practice will need to work with the best practices and solutions in order to ensure that they have all of their clients’ records as carefully stored and categorized as possible. The right software can make a tremendous difference, particularly for practices that are starting to build their patient database and will need something that can help them manage options efficiently in the future. Like any type of software, learning more about what EMR software can provide for your business can be one of the best ways for you to plan ahead for the future of your practice.

What is Dermatology EMR?

Dermatology EMR, like any other medical EMR system, is a type of software that is designed to organize patients’ records and provide medical professionals with an easy way to access and update medical information as necessary.

EMR stands for electronic medical record, and these options may come with a broad variety of different advantages and according to the software itself. Individuals can look forward to improving overall patient safety and care, though the use of these systems in the United States is still relatively low. Recently conducted surveys found that only about 4 percent of all ambulatory physicians have reported having the opportunity to work with a functional and extensive electronic records system, and only 13 percent had reported that a basic system was available for use.

In the field of dermatology, in particular, there are few EMR software options available. Many locations can benefit from the introduction of such a system because of how seamlessly they integrate billing options into the software. This allows all types of practices to pull up payment information as well as patient records and data in order to get the job done more efficiently.

Like with any other such options, interested professionals should be sure to plan ahead in order to make the most of their future software. There are numerous dermatology-based software products available that can make a tremendous difference in the workplace, and knowing what advantages and disadvantages to expect from the different varieties can allow you to make more informed decisions.

Desirable Dermatology EMR Features

When choosing dermatology EMR software, it is vital to select systems that can provide you with a broad variety of integration features. You want to get the most out of your software because it can streamline the management process of many other aspects of your dermatology practice. As such, it is always recommended to keep some of these additional features in mind in your software solution.


As your practice begins to draw more clients, you will want an accurate way to keep up to date with their medical information. In all types of medical fields, accurate charting is one of the best ways to keep up with your regular workflow. Good EMR software makes it so that all of the difficult clerical functions of charting are handled by the software, leaving medical professionals with more time to focus on solutions for clients. The right type of software makes it easy to update information as soon as possible and focus on communicating with patients to get the desired results.


One of the most basic and vital features that good EMR software will have is an option for billing management. You want to make sure that all of your patients’ billing information is kept up to date and accurate as often as possible. Make sure that the software is integrated and that the usage process is relatively painless. You want to see how easy the software can make it to send bills and reflect the appropriate information in each bill. If the software integrates well with other payment systems, you can look forward to a much more versatile usage experience.

Workflow Management

Another vital feature that good EMR should have is workflow management protocols. No two dermatology practices are ever the same, and you want software that will be able to provide you with customizable management options to suit your specific set of procedures. Good software can be personalized to know the exact order of operation to help users save time in future care. Comprehensive software can also make it easy for new users to learn how such systems work. Some of the most common features include the opportunity to set up automated reminder emails and appointments to keep clients up to date.

Prescription Management

Good dermatology EMR software should always offer some variety of prescription options, with e-prescribing being the most recommended. Through such features, individuals will have the opportunity to transmit and print all of their prescriptions electronically, while also updating client prescription information as necessary. These systems are highly customizable, allowing you to change information such as the sudden appearance of potential drug allergies and undesirable interactions. Make sure that two-way communication options are available to keep up with pharmacies as necessary. Familiarity with pharmaceutical databases is also recommended, especially as you expand your dermatological practice.

Evaluation Coding Options

Compliance features in your EMR software can be invaluable. You want to make sure that you have software that will allow you to work with management and evaluation documentation standards. These are especially vital to help you ensure that your healthcare payers will have all of the information they need to pay out. When you begin to work with more patients, this type of solution can provide you with a much easier way to manage all of the information that you need for the long-term. Things such as complete medical records and physical exam findings will allow you to make more informed decisions regarding the future of your clients.

Lab Integration

Lab integration options can be invaluable as your business gets bigger. Much like with all types of e-prescribing services in your EMR software, you want to have the opportunity to electronically monitor the analysis and delivery of test results and samples. Make sure that you opt for systems that allow for two-way communication where possible in your EMR solution.

Patient Portal

One of the best ways to create a more interactive experience for your clients is to choose a system that comes with an integrated patient portal. This option makes it much easier for your patients to keep up to date with all of their medical information, effectively allowing them to stay on top of their dermatology needs. Through these portals, they will be able to look through recent visits, medications, allergies and even lab results.

Planning for Maintenance

Before finalizing any of your software decisions, it is strongly recommended for you to work with your IT department in order to make sure that you will be able to cover any potential issues that could rise up during the implementation process. You want to aim for as close to 100 percent uptime as possible, especially as your business starts to expand and you need to manage more and more clients.

Because you will be using this software so regularly, it is vital for your employees to know how it works. This means planning ahead to make sure that sufficient training is available for your employees, and that the appropriate lines of communication are established so that potential issues are fixed as soon as they come up.

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