Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgeon EMR Software

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The needs of the dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon are unique – and EMR Experts have solutions tailored to your specialty. 

We’ll work with you to customize the most functional and cost-effective EMR software systems – customized to meet your individual practice’s needs. With a high return-on-investment and easy-to-use features, an EMR system will improve office functioning and increase revenue. Don’t waste time searching through generic EMR systems with no idea of what’s best for your practice or how an EMR can serve you – let EMR Experts make the transition seamless.

Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery EMR Software Features

  • CCHIT® 2011 certified system
  • ONCATCB – “Meaningful Use” – Stage 2 certified
  • HIPAA and ICD-10 compliant
  • Workflow Management
  • Before and After Reports
  • Breast Procedures Consultation and Procedure Note
  • Dermatology Images 
  • Before and After Photo Comparisons
  • Cloud-based computing system
  • Dermatology Specific Graphic Database
  • Inventory management 
  • Optional Cash-only Billing
  • Client/Server or ASP based system
  • E&M Coding Assistance for Dermatologists
  • Data entry methods -point and click, voice and handwriting recognition
  • E-Prescription 
  • Lab Interface (Quest, LabCorp, etc.)
  • Internal Medicine Specific Decision Support (ADE, Coding)
  • Billing/Scheduling Software Interface
  • Document/Image Management for Internal Medicine
  • Tablet PC Enabled
  • Compatible -iPhone and iPad (new iPhone App feature: Dragon voice recognition).
  • HL7 Custom Interfaces
  • Online Patient Portal
  • Dermatology Health Maintenance Reminders
  • Mohs Procedure; Including: Surgery, Mapping, Interpretation, Reconstruction
  • Cosmetic Imagery of Before & After results
  • Pediatric Dermatology

Explore Electronic Health Record (EHR) software Features

Fully Integrated Dermatology EMR systems

Dermatology EHR software meets the needs of Dermatologists worldwide and is the latest technology for your practice. Consisting of custom features and dermatology-specific templates, the dermatology EMR systems are a perfect tool for keeping records of the vast array of individual dermatological problems that physicians see daily.

The software also comes with cosmetic surgery EMR. It provides easy access to patient history, including treatments and test results, allowing for a more straightforward prognosis, including patient education materials and procedure templates.

Typical dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery specific templates can be further customized to suit your practices’ specific needs. Medical Web Experts offers:

  • Dermatology Specific SOAP Templates
  • Varicose Vein Templates
  • Cold Sore Templates
  • Skin Cancer Templates
  • Psoriasis Templates
  • Acne Visit Templates
  • Liposuction Note Template
  • Tummy Tuck Templates
  • Before and After Photo Comparison Templates

Emrexperts dermatology EMR systems provide dermatologists with practice management solutions, allowing practitioners to prescribe treatments and medication remotely, access patient records, and document hospital rounds. Our software also includes an impressive and competent prescription analytics tool, known as an Rx Helper, which can handle millions of de-identified prescriptions.

  • Adaptable and easy to use, our systems are perfect for everyone and can be used by single physician clinics all the way up to large specialty clinics and hospitals in various locations. They are also compatible with existing, currently used cloud-based or client-server model systems.
  • Useful for treating patients with common HPI complaints ranging from atypical moles and acne rosacea, our system allows you to store new and returning patients’ treatment plans with ease. It also provides both diagnostic and procedure templates alongside patient education materials to provide the best possible care, or to even import your own to make working life a bit easier.
  • Flawless communication between labs, practices, and pharmacies ensures quick and effective patient treatment alongside additional multiple data entry methods such as voice recognition and point and click.

Benefits of Dermatology EHR Software

Dermatology and Cosmetic EHR has many benefits to help you and your colleagues in your everyday working lives. Our system provides countless benefits to your practices and clinics, ensuring patient safety and confidentiality, alongside the following:

Patient confidentiality and record-keeping are of the utmost importance within any medical field. Our system allows you to store and capture patient data securely and quickly while giving you various data method options. You no longer have to be restricted with your data documentation methods as the EMR system provides processes ranging from voice and handwritten recognition to point and click. Once the data is obtained, the ehr system will provide a stable and intuitive patient database search based on individual and distinct requests.

Dermatology EMR software is compatible with all of the latest devices, including laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Thanks to cloud-based technology, the software allows quick and easy access to the web via all standard browsers. To ensure a seamless transition, all healthcare professionals are assigned an implementation manager who specialises in the system and will be the point of contact regarding training others on the EHR system. The implementation process takes between 6-9 weeks, where the manager will also gather information, coordinate the implementation of lab interfaces and billing as well as helping to set up Cosmetic surgery EMR to each practice’s workflow.

Experience improved and seamless interaction with other medical laboratories, clinics, pharmacies, and clinics resulting in enhanced collaboration, inter-office correspondence, and patient care. The dermatology and cosmetic EHR also decreases the risk for liability thanks to the patient health info alert function and keeps physicians aware of patient allergies, medical interactions, and overall health maintenance.

Thanks to our Dermatology EMR software, each complaint has an ICD code assigned, making billing practices easier and more efficient, saving you money in the long run. It also allows you to quickly convert encounters into billable EDI’s and paper claims, resulting in fast reimbursements and facilitates appropriate service-based level charging using the built-in E&M coding function.

Save time and money with our additional scanning and attaching service, which attaches all of your scanned documents to one easy and convenient location of your choice. Further benefits include HIPAA-compliant quality control, the digitization of existing paper charts alongside accessible accurate, and secure patient data.

Customized for Your Dermatology or Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Top-ranked Dermatology Medical Record vendors recognize that the needs of your practice are unique. Your needs are different than those of primary care physicians. Our vendors have dermatological and cosmetic surgery-specific templates, which are customizable to the dermatologist. Your special vocabulary and particular terminology, in addition to before and after pictures and an online patient portal with a shopping cart, are included in the Dermatology EHR software.

Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons will find measurements for functional levels, links to patient’s clinical records, information to evaluate quality and cost of care, and many other critical features for your practice. All our dermatological and cosmetic surgery-specific EMR includes many customize templates for Skin cancer, acne, Psoriasis, medication prescribing, and a Dermatological Specific Graphic Database. We will work with you to customize the software to your exact needs. EMR Experts truly offers the very best EMR software solutions for the dermatology and cosmetic surgery specialty.

Flexible Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery EHR

EMR Experts know that the needs of dermatological and cosmetic surgery patients are unique compared to the needs of other practices. When dealing with your patients, your office requires some understanding and relation to the effect the patients’ skin conditions have on them both physically and emotionally.

By improving communication and keeping better patient records, electronic medical record systems can assist dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in delivering better patient care and helping the dermatologist build rapport with Patients.

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